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My wife and I started to develop this idea in 2016 of becoming travel advisors for friends and family, and we never knew it would expand to what it has today!

After completing our first booking to a friend of ours and receiving such positive feedback on their experience, we knew this was an amazing opportunity that we felt compelled to share, beyond our friends and family. We grew initially by word of mouth – which spread rapidly and before we knew it, we were in direct communications with local and international travel suppliers in the industry. We continue to expand today, combining new approaches in technology and offering one on one, personal travel booking for everyone.

We offer bookings and tour packages worldwide, and we guarantee to always offer the best quality-to-price ratio for your vacations that we can find. That is our mission!

In addition to our contracts with some of the most influential providers in the US, we have also built strong relationships with local suppliers in Cancun/Tulum, Mexico and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, which have been instrumental to the building of lasting connections to other suppliers globally. This has allowed us to offer impressive rates, and worldwide destinations such as Jerusalem, Dubai, Turkey, Greece, Colombia, etc. 
Our team will assist you step by step from the booking and through to the end of your vacation if needed.Special occasions such as Honeymoon, Wedding Anniversary and birthdays are our specialty. Let us send you on a trip you will never forget!
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Let us send you on a trip you will never forget!

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